Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday meets the press at the Great Hall of the People after the conclusion of the annual national legislative session.
China's national legislature on Wednesday passed the General Provisions of the Civil Law, the opening chapter of a civil code planned to be enacted in 2020.
China's State-owned enterprises should avoid irrational investments and trade financing activities for achieving scale, said the head of the country's SOE regulatory body on Monday. [More]
China's judicial authorities made the following eight pledges to be carried out this year, which are sure to influence Chinese people's daily life, according to Xinhua and People's Daily. [More]
Yao calls better sports leagues key to nation's 'quest' CPPCC members attend press conference on benefiting society and people Ethnic languages services provided during China's 'two sessions' Chinese Foreign Minister meets press 2nd plenary meeting of 5th session of China's 12th NPC held in Beijing
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Air quality
Most Chinese cities witnessed more days with clean air after a nationwide air pollution control plan was introduced in 2013.
Judicial reform
The Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate presented work reports to about 3,000 national legislators at the meeting.
Financial supervision
China's insurance regulator has cracked down on the illegal activities of 'crocodiles' and taken measures to rein in potential financial risks.
Civil law
National lawmakers and political advisers have engaged in heated discussions over draft general provisions of civil law.
City-specific measures will continue to be used to help stabilize the healthy development of the housing market in cities at all levels.
Animal protection
Cases involving the hunting, eating and alleged abuse of animals have triggered public discussion on social media platforms.
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Five-year Plans

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