-Li's maiden foreign tour features trust, sincerity, benefit, progress(2013-05-30 11:20:13) -FM chides Japan's 'lack of common sense'(2013-05-29 09:16:35) -China vows further opening up(2013-05-29 09:05:35) -China slams Japan's criticism of Premier Li's speech(2013-05-29 08:24:11) -Ministry hails FTA with Switzerland(2013-05-28 14:46:09) -Chinese premier concludes 4-nation visits(2013-05-28 14:27:11) -Li touts Sino-German ties(2013-05-28 11:09:10) -Chinese premier's strong message to Europe(2013-05-28 11:02:52) -Friendly relations shine during visit(2013-05-28 10:48:26) -Li paves way for German investors(2013-05-28 10:27:43) -China to take measures against EU protectionism(2013-05-28 10:03:38) -Merkel opposes EU probe into Chinese telecom products(2013-05-28 09:39:30) -Merkel wants negotiation on solar panel tariffs(2013-05-28 09:30:19) -Germany backs China in trade dispute(2013-05-28 09:29:45) -New leadership highly values China-Europe ties(2013-05-28 09:20:28) -Li salutes Schmidt's contribution to bilateral ties(2013-05-28 09:17:23) -Li vows to promote inter-party exchanges with Germany(2013-05-28 09:05:08) -Premier's first tour a success(2013-05-28 08:44:35) -China's development means more chances for the world: Li(2013-05-28 08:39:00) -Li's German tour promotes strategic partnership, co-op(2013-05-28 08:36:46) -Most EU states oppose Chinese solar panel duties(2013-05-28 08:01:06) -China, Switzerland mull waiving, cutting import duties(2013-05-28 07:55:25) -Growing hub for Chinese firms in Germany(2013-05-28 07:52:30) -Leaders oppose EU punitive tariffs, call for talks(2013-05-28 07:49:08) -China ready to boost exchanges with Germany: Li(2013-05-27 16:13:25) -Li calls for closer China-Germany business cooperation(2013-05-27 15:20:34) -Premier Li pays homage visit to Potsdam(2013-05-27 15:01:08) -Li reiterates opposition to trade measures against China(2013-05-27 14:34:09) -Chinese premier meets with German president in Berlin(2013-05-27 10:28:57) -Chinese, German PMs attend press conference in Berlin(2013-05-27 10:25:56)
  • Premier's strong message to Europe
  • Li wrapped up his first official visit abroad as Chinese premier on Monday with a clear and strong message to Europe: more cooperation, less protectionism.
  • India
  • Premier Li Keqiang will set off for the Republic of India on May 19.
  • Pakistan
  • Premier Li Keqiang will leave for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on May 22.
  • Switzerland
  • Premier Li Keqiang will visit the Swiss Confederation on May 23.
  • Germany
  • Premier Li Keqiang will visit the Federal Republic of Germany on May 25.
Premier Li Keqiang has arrived in Berlin for an official visit, opening up a historic opportunity to firm up China's cooperation with Germany and the European Union (EU) at large. [Detail]
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang presented here Wednesday a five-point proposal for further deepening friendship and cooperation with Pakistan. [Detail]

Applause rose in India's premier hotel, the Taj Palace in New Delhi, as Premier Li Keqiang took the stage and offered a common Indian greeting. "Namaste!" the premier began. [Detail]

A prosperous, stable and peaceful China is important to Switzerland and the world, according to President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer. His comments come ahead of official visits by Premier Li Keqiang to Switzerland and Germany, his first trip to Europe as premier. [Detail]
Chinese premier arrives in Switzerland for first trip to Europe Chinese Premier, Pakistani President attend signing ceremony in Islamabad Chinese premier attends medal conferring ceremony in Islamabad Chinese premier arrives in Islamabad for official visit to Pakistan Li stresses global strategic significance of China-India relations
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