An analysis of American interference in Xinjiang affairs under the context of human rights protection(2)

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2. A closer look at the Editor's Note of the report published by Jamestown Foundation

An editor is a person who compiles a journal in which an article or report is published, and an editor's note is a brief introduction to the article or report to be published. Any article or report with theoretical or practical significance will be reviewed by the editor before publication. This review process involves an evaluation of authenticity, scientificity, practicality, etc. However, in Adrian Zenz'slatest report published in June 2020, the editor commented that the report is a detailed analysis of "China's measures to forcibly suppress birthrates among ethnic Uygur communities", including "the mass application of mandatory birth control and sterilizations", so as to"reduce the Uygur population in Xinjiang relative to the numbers of ethnic Han Chinese—and thereby to promote more rapid Uygur assimilation into the 'Chinese Nation-Race'."(Quoted from Adrian Zenz's report.) However, according to the statistics released by the Statistical Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,Xinjiang's total population at the end of 2018 was 24.8676 million.From 1978 to 2018, the population of ethnic Uygurs in Xinjiang has increased from 5.5553 million to 11.6786 million, accounting for 46.96 percent of the total population of Xinjiang at the end of the year,over2 times the population 40 years ago.(,I wonder where does the editor's statement of Chinese government intends to "reduce the Uygurpopulationin Xinjiang" come from.We are also wondering whether the review standards applied by the Jamestown Foundation editors are reliable.

China is a unified country of multi-ethnicity. In the course of jointly building, developing, consolidating and reunifying the country, different ethnic groups have converged into a diversified yet integrated Chinese nation. The relationship between the Chinese nation and all ethnic groups is that of a big family and its members. Xinjiang is one of the multi-ethnic areas in China with local ethnicities live and work together in the big family of the Chinese nation. They are economically interdependent, culturally connected and emotionally intimate. In the big family of the Chinese nation, the ethnic Uygurs and other ethnic groups have shown mutual affinity and mutual assistance to each other. The editor's assumption that China is "promoting more rapid Uygur assimilation into the 'Chinese Nation-Race'" is sheer nonsense. To sum up, the Editor's Note rests on no fact and the hidden intentions are easy to see.

3. An analysis of Adrian Zenz's arguments

Researches conducted from the perspective of population are of great practical significance since they function as an important indicator of studying the population quantity,quality, structure, distribution and economic and social development in local areas. Therefore, such researches should not only be scientific, forward-looking and sustainable, but also objective, impartial and precise. Only scientific research based on objective facts can accurately reflect the actual population situation.

In Adrian Zenz's report, each of the anti-China arguments is carefully embellished as so-called "research findings". He clearly understands the importance of population development to regional development, so he tried his best to fabricate a series of lies, disregarding the spirit of science. In the report,Adrian Zenz began his exposition with Xinjiang's population situation and put much effort on fabricating the following outrageous lies.

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