U.S. 'biggest troublemaker' in world, spokesman says

2021-07-30 09:18:04China Daily Editor : Li Yan ECNS App Download

The United States is the world's biggest troublemaker, avoids its global responsibilities and conducts large-scale cyber espionage, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, said on Thursday.

Speaking of the U.S. military's withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, Wu said the security situation in the country has deteriorated since the U.S. announced its plan to pull out its troops.

"Reality has shown once again that the U.S. is the world's biggest troublemaker and is the world-renowned king of passing the buck," he said. "The U.S. is the progenitor of the Afghanistan issue and has irrefutable responsibility for the current situation in the country. It cannot just leave and pass on its obligations to countries in the region."

Wu said the U.S. should shoulder its responsibilities and ensure a peaceful transition in Afghanistan to avoid more chaos and conflict in the country. China and Afghanistan are good neighbors, and China will continue to support Afghanistan pursuing peace and rebuilding, he said.

Regarding the recent U.S. Congressional Research Service's report claiming that the Chinese Navy poses a major threat to the U.S. Navy, Wu said the U.S. is hyping the so-called "Chinese military threat" to pressure China and find excuses for the buildup of its own military.

Wu said these actions demonstrate U.S. double standards, ignorance and prejudice. "China will not fall for its ploy," he said. "We urge the U.S. to stop its erroneous ways; let truth speak up, let lies shut up."

China, as a large nation, has always seen to it that its military is shouldering its responsibility and proactively providing security services to the international community, including humanitarian aid and escort missions in the Gulf of Aden. It also provides medical services to other countries through the Peace Ark naval hospital ship. "These are all facts recognized by the world," he said.

In response to a recent report on the U.S. collaborating with Denmark to spy on European politicians and officials, Wu called the U.S. an "empire of hacking and theft of secrets" and the "biggest threat to global cybersecurity".

For years, the U.S. has conducted large-scale cyber espionage, surveillance and attacks on foreign governments, companies and individuals, he said, listing examples including WikiLeaks, whistleblower Edward Snowden, the CIA using Swiss encryption devices to spy on others and the recent Danish incident.

Furthermore, the U.S. has spared no effort in militarizing cyberspace and developing its own cyberattack capabilities, he said. The U.S. has the world's biggest cyberattack arsenal with over 2,000 tools at its disposal, he added.

"We call for the international community to push back against U.S. cyberbullying and to urge the U.S. to explain its spying operations, and the U.S. should stop creating tension and animosity in cyberspace," he said. "China will take all measures necessary to safeguard the country's cyber sovereignty, information security and social stability."


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