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Premier Li Keqiang described the employment situation as his primary concern when he met the media on Thursday to wrap up the annual session of the national legislature.
The National People's Congress (NPC), China's parliamentary body, began the closing meeting of its annual session Thursday morning.
Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday said there is a level of flexibility for the government's growth target at around 7.5 percent this year, stressing rather the importance of creating enough jobs. [More]
China will not give any ground on issues of history and territory, said Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday when responding to a question about China-Japan relations. [More]
Deputies arrive for closing meeting of 2nd session of 12th NPC Female deputies and political advisors at annual sessions Service staff members add color to ongoing sessions
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Editor's Note:China has witnessed many key events in the past year, including the election of the nation's new leadership, reforms in varied fields to improve people's livelihood, remarkable advances in space science, and others too numerous to mention.
  • CPC announces decision on comprehensive reform
  • The 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday approved a decision on 'major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reforms' at the close of their four-day meeting.
Issues widely watched
Clean governance
Premier Li Keqiang pledged to combat corruption, boost government transparency and build a clean government.
Anti-pollution plans
The central government will introduce a series of policies to implement a landmark anti-pollution action plan.
Pension system
China's recently declared intention to unify pension schemes has won acclaim, but challenges lie ahead.
Financial reform
China's four major financial authorities have announced their priorities for 2014.
Medical reform
Beijing is seeking central government support to build wholly foreign-owned medical establishments.
New energy vehicles
China will extend a program for subsidizing new energy vehicles beyond 2015.
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Five-year Plans

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