LikonomicsEconomic observers have been talking about Likonomics, which aims to characterize the way Premier Li is expected to manage the economy: no stimulus, structural reform and deleveraging.
Liquidity squeezeChinese shares plummeted 5.3 percent on June 24, its biggest daily loss in nearly four years, as PBOC hinted it won't shore up liquidity to address the credit crunch.
Shanghai FTZThe Shanghai pilot free trade zone (FTZ) started operating on Sep 29, launching a test bed for leadership's drive of deepening market-oriented reforms and boosting economic vitality.
Yuan Appreciation: China's central bank revalued the yuan in July 2005 and let it appreciate steadily against the dollar, while the central bank appears to allow faster appreciation of yuan in 2013.
Gold CrashThe bear market in the price of gold is one of the big economic events in 2013 as the yellow metal heads towards its first annual loss in 13 years.
Bitcoin BanChina has decided to ban all financial and payment institutions from establishing any Bitcoin services, as the digital currency carries high risks.
UrbanizationThe Political Bureau's new promise on the Urbanization plan signifies the Party leadership's resolve to deepen reforms by making breakthroughs in crucial areas.

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