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Taoist master: Positive publicity helps religious charity

2014-03-13 17:40 China.org.cn Web Editor: Gu Liping

Taoist master Huang Xinyang, the Vice President of China Taoist Association, told China.org.cn yesterday he has submitted a proposal, asking for more positive publicity for religions and their charity causes. [Special coverage]

Huang is a member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and is attending the second annual session in Beijing.

Taoism is a traditional religion in China.

Huang said that in June 2012, six central government departments including the State Administration for Religious Affairs issued a joint notice that actively encourages and supports religious groups to engage in charity activities and policies will be implemented to guide such charitable works, following the principles of "active support, equal treatment and lawful administration." According to the notice, the government will also provide preferential policies for such endeavors.

But Huang Xinyang hoped his proposal could urge more members of the press to pay more attention to the activities.

"Only religious or academic websites and magazines publish reports on our routine activities, most of the media are not interested," Huang said, also noting that some media only like to report on notorious incidents relating to Taoism and turn a blind eye to the charity works they have done.

"Compared with other religions," Huang pointed out, "Taoists are treated unfairly in the press."

He said Taoists also serve society and the people on a spiritual, cultural, and charitable level. He also hopes that China's authorities can view religious charitable activities as part of the work of social charities, and help encourage the media to channel this positive energy into their reports, to raise awareness and resolve misunderstanding.

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