Ancient Chinese bronze vessel Da Ke Ding to be display with Da Yu Ding at Shanghai(1/5)

2021-06-16 10:08:22 Editor :Wang Yifan

Staffs lift the glass cover and transfer Da Ke Ding to the exhibition hall on June 15 at Shanghai Museum. (Photo/ Zhang Hengwei)

Da Ke Ding is an ancient Chinese bronze vessel from the last Western Zhou Dynasty (1046?771 BC). Donated by the Pan's family, Da Ke Ding together with Da Yu Ding, another bronze vessel that unearthed in the same period and collected at the National Museum of China, will be on display at the Shanghai Museum.

The two vessels and Mao Gong Ding in the National Palace Museum in Taipei are known as the "Three Treasures within the Four Seas".

After its glass cover is removed, Da Ke Ding will be displayed at the exhibition hall with a constant temperature and humidity. (Photo/ Zhang Hengwei)

Staffs transfer Da Ke Ding to the new booth. (Photo/ Zhang Hengwei)

Staffs lay down the vessel smoothly. (Photo/ Zhang Hengwei)

Staff members check the inscription inside the tripod. (Photo/ Zhang Hengwei)

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