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Full text: Report on China's economic, social development plan(19)

2013-03-20 08:41 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

10. We will endeavor to ensure and improve the people's wellbeing.

1) We will implement the plan for developing the national basic public service system in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, and move faster to adopt a holistic approach in developing the system in urban and rural areas and different regions.

2) We will continue to follow the strategy of prioritizing employment and to implement a more active employment policy. We will make full use of government investment and major projects in stimulating employment. We will improve the public employment service system in urban and rural areas; implement and improve the policy for encouraging employment and entrepreneurship of university graduates; strengthen professional skills training for rural migrant workers, the unemployed, and those who experience difficulty finding jobs; and improve the employment assistance system.

3) We will push forward the development of social security systems for urban and rural residents in a holistic way. We will promote the integration of the basic old-age insurance systems for rural and non-working urban residents and improve connections between all types of urban and rural old-age insurance. We will increase basic pensions for enterprise retirees; financial support for childless and infirm rural residents who receive subsidies for food, clothing, medical care, housing, and burial expenses; special care and preferential treatment for entitled groups; subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents; and government subsidies for medical insurance for non-working urban residents and the new type of rural cooperative medical care system. We will improve the social assistance system and establish a sound social welfare system. We will ensure social security services at the community level are carried out better. We will energetically promote service programs and industries for the elderly, and improve the social security and service systems for the disabled. In 2013, urban population to be covered by basic old-age, unemployment, and workers' compensation insurance will increase by 3.1%, 1%, and 2.7%, respectively, rural population under the new type of old-age insurance scheme will increase by 3.7%, and the number of urban residents covered by basic medical insurance will be roughly the same as last year.

4) We will work hard to develop government-subsidized housing and regulate the real estate market. We will make greater efforts to build and manage government-subsidized housing, encourage and attract nongovernmental capital into the construction of government-subsidized housing, and promptly set up a personal housing information system. We will increase land supply for housing construction, and provide more ordinary small and medium-sized condominiums. We will continue to implement differentiated housing credit and tax policies, and limit home purchases to rein in speculative and investment-driven housing demand.

5) We will advance education of all types and at all levels at a faster pace. We will support the construction of rural kindergartens in the central and western regions, promote balanced development of compulsory education, improve infrastructure of secondary vocational education, reinvigorate higher education in the central and western regions, and improve the quality of teachers for special education schools as well as teaching conditions. In 2013, the retention rate of nine-year compulsory education will reach 92.3% and the gross enrollment ratio for senior secondary education will reach 86%, and plans call for enrolling 6.94 million undergraduate students and 608,000 graduate students in regular institutions of higher learning.

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