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Full text: Report on China's economic, social development plan(14)

2013-03-20 08:41 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

6. We will actively and prudently advance urbanization.

1) We will enhance overall coordination and planning. We will adhere to scientific planning, rational distribution, balanced development between urban and rural areas and economical use of land, take measures that suit local conditions, and focus on raising the quality of urbanization. We will formulate and issue an urbanization plan. We will keep megacities and large cities at an appropriate scale and bring into fully play their role in driving the development of their surrounding areas; and we will make small and medium-sized cities and small towns better able to accommodate industrial development, provide public services, create jobs and attract population, and foster and develop city clusters in areas with good carrying capacity of resources and the environment. We will improve links and coordination between regional plans, land use plans, and urban plans. We will guide and ensure healthy development of new cities and districts. In 2013, the urbanization rate will reach 53.37%.

2) We will increase overall carrying capacity of cities and towns. In developing city clusters, we will integrate and connect their infrastructures, and better coordinate the comprehensive transportation network with the layout of urbanization. We will carry out a national plan to ensure safe drinking water in cities, quicken construction and upgrading of urban heating facilities, and step up efforts to build a comprehensive system to manage underground pipe networks and drainage facilities and prevent and handle disasters caused by failure to divert excess rainfall. We will establish a sustainable investment and financing mechanism for urban development.

3) We will conduct registration of rural migrant workers as permanent urban residents in an orderly way. We will expedite reform of the household registration system and the social management system, and improve the land management system in order to allow rural migrant workers with steady jobs and permanent homes in cities and their families to become urban residents. We will use various means to improve the living conditions of rural migrant workers, and progressively expand the coverage of basic public services in urban areas to all their permanent residents.

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