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Full text: Report on China's economic, social development plan(10)

2013-03-20 08:41 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

2. We will focus on boosting domestic demand.

On the one hand, we will leverage the fundamental role of consumption in driving economic growth. Total retail sales of consumer goods are expected to grow by 14.5% in 2013.

1) We will strive to increase consumption. We will endeavor to raise the income of low- and middle-income groups, put in place a sound mechanism for regularly increasing workers' wages, raise the income of farmers through various means, and improve the social security system that covers both urban and rural residents.

2) We will work hard to upgrade the structure of consumer spending. We will continue to promote the use of energy-efficient and new-energy vehicles, introduce policies that encourage the use of water-efficient products and standalone residential solar-energy products, support development of the culture industry, promote consumption of IT products and services, guide tourism consumption, encourage nongovernmental investors to invest in elderly care homes and rehabilitation services, and foster new growth areas of consumption.

3) We will improve the consumption environment. We will work hard to build goods distribution networks, broadband networks, and other infrastructures of consumption; encourage development of new types of consumption including e-commerce and online shopping; research and implement policies for stimulating credit consumption; continue to carry out food and drug safety campaigns; and resolutely combat infringements of intellectual property rights and production and sale of counterfeit or substandard goods.

On the other hand, we will bring into play the key role of investment in powering economic growth. Total fixed-asset investment is projected to grow by 18% in 2013, and 437.6 billion yuan for investment will be allocated from the central budget.

1) We will improve the investment structure. We will strive to make good investments and raise their quality and efficiency. We will make more investments in non-redundant infrastructure and public services that help reinforce the foundation for the country's long-term development and improve the people's wellbeing. The investments allocated by the central budget will mostly focus on government-subsidized housing, urban infrastructure, agriculture, rural areas, farmers, major infrastructure projects in transportation and energy, social programs, social management, energy conservation, emissions reduction, ecological conservation, environmental protection, independent innovation, structural adjustments, and underdeveloped areas. We will restrain blind expansion of industries that are energy-intensive and highly-polluting or have excess production capacity, and strictly control construction of office buildings and other facilities for Party and government departments.

2) We will focus on key projects. We will accelerate efforts to build key construction projects set forth in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and ensure the quality and safety of major projects as well as the pace at which they are carried out. We will take active steps to attract more nongovernmental investment in key projects. We will continue to supervise implementation of the central budgetary investment plan.

3) We will unleash the enthusiasm of nongovernmental investment. We will earnestly implement the 36 new guidelines on encouraging and guiding nongovernmental investment and the 42 detailed rules for their implementation, and better support nongovernmental investment in building infrastructure and social programs.

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