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Full text: Report on China's central, local budgets(9)

2013-02-28 14:28 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

Spending on public security amounted to 169.547 billion yuan, 104.8% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 14.9%. This figure consists of 103.701 billion yuan of central government spending and 65.846 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We pressed ahead with reforming the system of ensuring funding for primary-level procuratorial, judicial, and public security departments to enhance their service capabilities.

It should be noted that decreases in actual expenditure on stockpiling materials such as grain and edible oils and on other items led to a surplus of 25.4 billion yuan in central government expenditure in 2011, which has been transferred to the central budget stabilization fund.

(3) Central government tax rebates and transfer payments to local governments

Central government tax rebates and transfer payments to local governments totaled 3.989996 trillion yuan, 106.9% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 23.4%. This figure consists of 507.838 billion yuan in tax rebates, an increase of 1.7%; 1.829993 trillion yuan in general transfer payments, up 38.3%; and 1.652165 trillion yuan in special transfer payments, a 17.1% increase. General transfer payments for making basic public services more equally available amounted to 748.681 billion yuan; for compulsory education, 106.501 billion yuan; for basic pensions and subsistence allowances, 275.098 billion yuan; for the new rural cooperative medical care system, 77.981 billion yuan; for the award and subsidy system for village-level public works projects, 18.471 billion yuan; for cities once dependent on now-depleted mineral resources, 13.5 billion yuan; and for reforming taxes and fees on refined petroleum products, 58.1 billion yuan.

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