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Full text: Report on China's central, local budgets(22)

2013-02-28 14:28 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

The appropriation for guaranteeing adequate housing is 211.755 billion yuan, an increase of 23.1%. This figure consists of 37.44 billion yuan of central government spending and 174.315 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We will appropriate 178.746 billion yuan, an increase of 24.8%, to build low-income housing projects, appropriately expand the scope of dilapidated rural houses eligible for policy-backed renovation and raise the standard of subsidies from the central government, and steadily push forward the construction of permanent housing for nomads.

The appropriation for agriculture, forestry, and water conservancy is 549.145 billion yuan, up 14.8%. This figure consists of 42.744 billion yuan of central government spending and 506.401 billion yuan in transfer payments to local governments. We will advance the construction of small irrigation and water conservancy facilities in key counties, appropriately raise construction and subsidy standards, and intensify efforts to harness small and medium-sized rivers, reinforce dangerously defective small reservoirs, and prevent and control geological disasters due to mountain torrents. Altogether, allocations for agricultural and rural infrastructure development stand at 165.446 billion yuan. We will appropriate 169.338 billion yuan to improve the policy on subsidies for superior crop varieties, scale up general subsidies for agricultural supplies and subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, increase the areas and crop varieties eligible for subsidies on agricultural insurance premiums, and further increase subsidies for afforestation. We will earmark 10.1 billion yuan, up 53%, to increase funding for agricultural science and technology, improve the environment for fostering innovations in this area, develop a modern seed industry and a system for spreading agricultural technologies in villages, translate advances in agricultural science and technology into practical productive forces, and promote wider application of agricultural technology. We will appropriate 29.012 billion yuan to strengthen comprehensive agricultural development, with the focus on main grain-growing areas and major grain-producing counties. We will fully implement the subsidy and award policy for grassland ecological conservation with an allocation of 15.058 billion yuan. We will significantly increase investment in comprehensive poverty relief efforts to enhance self-development capabilities of rural poverty-stricken areas and the poor population, and 37.286 billion yuan of special government funds will be used to support these efforts, up 18.7%. We will also appropriate 24.8 billion yuan in subsidies to continue to implement the government award and subsidy system for village-level public works projects, the launching of which is determined by villagers themselves, and to improve the mechanism of village-level public service projects being run by villagers and subsidized by the government.

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