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Ten Questions Regarding Huangyan Island(6)

2012-06-12 13:18    comment

6. When did the Philippines place its claim over Huangyan Island?

Since May 1997, the Philippines has revealed its intention to occupy China's Huangyan Island. At that time, the Chinese Radio Sports Association organized a China-US-Japan radio expedition team to land on Huangyan Island for radio activities. During this period, the Philippines repeatedly dispatched warships and military aircrafts to track, monitor and harass these amateur radio activities. Two members of the Philippine House of Representatives blatantly boarded a naval vessel to land on Huangyan Island, where they erected flags and monuments, and blocked and intimidated the Chinese personnel. In 2009, the Philippines amended the Philippine Territorial Sea Baselines Act to include Huangyan Island into its territory. China has expressed its unequivocal opposition to these activities by the Philippines and has lodged solemn representations with the Philippine side. 

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