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  • G20
  • In Brisbane, where the 9th G20 Summit is to be held on Nov 15-16, Xi will brainstorm with other leaders on ways to promote regional cooperation.
  • Australia
  • After the G20 Summit, Xi will pay a state visit to Australia.
  • New Zealand
  • Then Xi will pay a state visit to New Zealand, where he is to meet with the nation's leaders.
  • Fiji
  • In the last leg, Xi will pay a state visit to Fiji, where he is to meet with the nation's leaders.
Chinese President Xi Jinping said in Sydney that the setup of the China-Australia Provincial/State Leaders Forum is a new milestone for the two countries' cooperation.[Read more]
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the Ebola crisis at the G20 on Saturday, saying that the international response to the deadly virus needed to be boosted. [Read more]

China expects the coming G20 summit to achieve results in economic growth, improving governance, reducing trade barriers and addressing global challenges.[Read more]

Chinese consumers may be licking their lips at the prospect of more high-quality food being available on supermarket shelves following an unprecedented agreement signed by agriculture tycoons from China and Australia.

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