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Full Text: Premier Li Keqiang Meets the Press(6)

2015-03-17 09:42 gov.cn Web Editor: Gu Liping

To boost market vitality, the government must eliminate road blocks and pave the way for people to tap their entrepreneurship. The government plans to do more in this regard this year. Market access will be further relaxed. Business license and all the required certificates will be integrated into one. It would no longer take one so much trouble to register a business in some areas of the services sector. The government also needs to foster more favorable conditions for business start-up. There needs to be low-rent makerspaces to add wings to the entrepreneurship of our people. The government will also fully leverage the national guidance fund to encourage more seed capital to pitch in. Taxes and fees will be further reduced to ensure that all businesses get to forge ahead with a light pack.

A country could achieve prosperity when its people's initiative is brought into full play. There will be much economic vitality when there are ample business opportunities and choices for consumers. By encouraging mass entrepreneurship and innovation, we want to help more people become better off and enable more to achieve their full potential in life. This will also help us adjust the income distribution structure and promote social fairness. In particular, we want to ensure that young people, especially children from poor families, will have equal access to opportunities for upward mobility.

Huffington Post: Big oil companies like Sinopec and PetroChina have been an obstacle to formulating and implementing the policies on environmental protection, especially in setting the quality standards of gasoline and promoting wider use of natural gas. Is it true that these companies are posing an obstacle to carrying out environmental protection policies? If so, what steps will the Chinese government take to remove such an obstacle?

Li Keqiang: I understand the focus of all your questions is about tackling environmental pollution, especially smog, a concern that is uppermost on all people's minds. I want to tell you that the Chinese government is determined to tackle smog and environmental pollution as a whole, and tremendous efforts have been made in this regard. But the progress achieved still falls far short of the expectation of our people. Last year, I said that the Chinese government would declare war against environmental pollution. We are determined to carry forward our efforts until we achieve our goal.

We must get the focus of our efforts right. This year, our focus will be to ensure full implementation of the newly revised environmental protection law. All acts of illegal production and emissions will be brought to account. We will make the cost for doing so too high to bear. More support will be given to the law enforcement departments, such as in capacity building. No one must use his power to meddle with law enforcement. The law enforcement departments also need to have the courage to take charge and fulfill their due responsibilities. Laxity in law enforcement will be dealt with and dereliction of duties or abuse of office will be handled in accordance with the law. We must make sure that the law will work as a powerful and effective tool in fighting pollution instead of being as soft as cotton candy.

To tackle environmental pollution is a systemic project that involves a lot of efforts across areas. A few days ago I came across a media report which said that in this year's government work report, the paragraph addressing environmental treatment came quite in the back. But I want to draw your attention to one big difference in this year's government work report. That is our targets for energy conservation and emission reduction are put together with all the major targets of economic and social development and they are together put in the front part of the report. Actually, many parts of the report, be it adjusting economic structure or improving the quality of fuel, all have something to do with environmental treatment. To tackle pollution takes a process and requires the joint efforts of the whole of society. It may be difficult for one to change the natural environment he lives in anytime soon, but one can always change the way he behaves.

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