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Full Text: Premier Li Keqiang Meets the Press(12)

2015-03-17 09:42 gov.cn Web Editor: Gu Liping

People's Daily: Just now you mentioned that you bought books on the Internet. My question is related to books. We know that the government work report needs to cover a lot of ground. And each year there are some changes. But for two years in running, to encourage our people to read has been written into the government work report. I would like to know why do you care so deeply about this, and can you share with us your personal experience about reading?

Li Keqiang: Last year, in drafting the government work report, I solicited views from representatives of various circles. And I found that not only people from the cultural and publishing sectors, but also those from the economic and business circles suggested that the government needs to further encourage a love of reading among all the people and should write this into its work report. They also said that they feel deeply concerned that the average per capita amount of reading in China is only about one tenth of that of some other countries in the world. What they said made me think deeply. I believe it shows our people not only want to pursue increase of material wealth, but also long for better nourishments of the mind.

Books and reading have been essential in carrying forward human civilizations. Reading is what I enjoy the most in my spare time. It makes me feel enriched. And reading has been the most rewarding experience in my life. I hope that all our people can foster a love of reading, and as our people's amount of reading grows, I believe it is also an important symbol of social and cultural progress in China. I hope that more people can make reading a way of living, and find it very useful in work too. Reading can further unlock the potential of innovation and enhance civic morality. That is why I have, for two years running, written this into the government work report, and this will also be the case for next year's government work report.

After the moderater announced the end of the press conference, a journalist asked about how the Premier views the recent developments in the border areas between China and Myanmar. Premier Li Keqiang said: What happened there was deeply distressing. There was loss of life and property of Chinese residents in the China-Myanmar border areas. And I want to first express my deep condolences for the lost lives and sympathies to the bereaved families. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese military have both made stern representations with Myanmar. And we have the responsibility and the capacity to firmly safeguard security and stability in the China-Myanmar border areas and firmly protect the life and property of our people.

The press conference, lasting some two hours, was held in the golden hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the People. Nearly 900 Chinese and foreign journalists attended the press conference.

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