Three Gorges Reservoir braces for flood season(1/6)

2021-06-03 13:31:08 Editor :Zhang Dongfang

The water level of the Three Gorges Reservoir drops to 149.40 meters as of as of 14: 00 on Wednesday. More than 19.6 billion cubic meters of water, about 90 percent of its capacity, has been released to brace for the flood season. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

Rainfall in Dongting Lake region and Poyang Lake region since May led to the continuous raising of the water level in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The water level in cities like Wuhan is now on alert. The reservoir adjusts its water level according to the flood situation and ecology of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

Photo shows the island under the river appears as the water level drops. The reservoir plans to lower its water level to 145 meters before June 10 to cope with the potential flood in the Yangtze River area. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

Ships berth at the Three Gorges Reservoir. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

The reservoir prepares for potential flood. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

Shipping is smooth and orderly in the Three Gorges Dam area. (Photo: China News Service/Zheng Jiayu)

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