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'Chinese dama' tops online buzzwords of 2013  


2013-12-23 16:32 Ecns.cn Web Editor: Si Huan

(ECNS) – A list of the most popular Internet buzzwords of the year was released on Friday, with "Chinese dama" ranking first, according to China Youth Daily.

"Chinese dama" came under the spotlight after they rushing to buy gold as global prices plunged in the first half of the year. The words extended to cover the group in China who are hungry to invest but lack the professional knowledge and skills.

"Gaodashang," an acronym for "gaoduan (high end), daqi (classy), shangdangci (high grade)," came in second, which is used to describe something high-end and groovy.

A reality show, "Papa, where are we going?" was ranked third. The show featuring celebrity fathers and their kids produced by Hunan Satellite TV has garnered high ratings since it was launched.

Fourth was "My little friends and I are stunned," which came from a pupil's writing and went viral. It is used to express astonishment and sarcasm.

"When my hair is long enough to touch my waist," which originated from a romantic novel "Shililhongzhuang" (The Red Dowry), ranked fifth. The line, "When my hair is long enough to touch my waist, would you marry me, young man?" originally conveyed love, but was spoofed by netizens.

Following it was "Xidapuben", which is also an acronym, meaning the news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it all over the world.

Next to "Xidapuben" was "tough girl," or "manly woman," referring to women who are too independent and behave like a man.

"Tuhao" was ranked eighth, loosely meaning "nouveau riche." To say someone is tuhao is to imply they come from a poor peasant background and have become rich quick, but don't quite have the manners or sophistication to match.

"You have run into trouble" and "zhangzishi," meaning to obtain the knowledge of something new, were ranked ninth and 10th. The latter is usually used to exaggerate surprise after getting some novel information, especially negative information.

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