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Beijing residents spend more time commuting to work

2011-10-24 13:32    Ecns.cn     Web Editor: Xu Rui
Traffic during peak hours in Beijing

Traffic during peak hours in Beijing

Beijing (CNS) -- Beijing residents spent an average of 45.04 minutes commuting to work in 2010, seven minutes or 18.53% longer that in 2005, according to Annual Report on Urban-Rural Development of Beijing (2010-2011) released by Beijing Academy of Social Sciences on Sunday.

The report showed that the residents' commuting distances from home to work place grew substantially, which results in changes of commuting behaviors and the means to commute.

In 2010, most residents chose to commute by public transportation, followed by bicycles, private cars and walking, according to the report.

The measure to stagger office hours, started in April 2010, did not alleviate the city's traffic jams, but prolonged the hours of traffic peaks.

Other existing policy attempts, such as the odd-even rationing and a license-plate lottery system to reduce the number of cars on road, as well as the opening of bus-only lanes, have failed to ease traffic tensions.