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Li refutes so-called 'China's neo-colonialism in Africa'

2014-05-05 08:10 Xinhua Web Editor: Qin Dexing

The so-called "China's neo-colonialism in Africa" is a false accusation inconsistent with Chinese tradition and culture, and does not reflect the reality of friendly, equal-footed and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Africa, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in a press release on Sunday.

Li will pay official visits to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya from May 4 to 11. This is the first time for Li to visit Africa since taking office in 2013.[Special coverage]

Like many African countries, China once suffered foreign invasion and fell under colonial and semi-colonial rule. "Do not do to others what you do not want done to you" is a millennia-old idea important in Chinese civilization, said Li in a joint interview with African media.

A number of African leaders have stated in public that Africa, with a history of colonialism, knows well what colonialism means and will not be misled by such accusation, he said.

"I wish to assure our African friends in all seriousness that China will never pursue a colonialist path like some countries did or allow colonialism, which belonged to the past, to reappear in Africa," he said.

China will forever be a reliable friend and true partner of the African people and contribute to Africa's endeavor in developing its beautiful home continent, he said.

China and African countries are tested brothers and partners committed to common development. In the cooperation with Africa, China has always upheld the principles of equality, mutual benefit, real results, efficiency, sincerity and credibility and never attached any political strings to its assistance to Africa, he said, adding that this has been China's decades-long practice without any deviation.

China-Africa cooperation has contributed to Africa's development with a keen focus on social development and people's well-being. The aim is to improve Africa's investment environment and its people's lives, he said.

Numerous infrastructure projects built with Chinese assistance, including schools, hospitals, stadiums and urban water and power supply systems, have improved the living and working conditions of African people, said Li.

To lessen Africa's burden, China had altogether canceled 20 billion yuan worth of debts owed by African countries by the end of 2013.

To enhance African countries' own development capacity, China has worked actively to help African countries develop their own modern and well-equipped manufacturing sector and agricultural system through industrial and financial cooperation to strengthen the foundation of China-Africa cooperation, he said.

"For China and Africa, cooperation means opportunities; cooperation is win-win," said the premier.

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