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Nepal can bring its dream into reality by means of Chinese dream

2013-06-05 13:50 Xinhua     Web Editor: Gu Liping comment

Nepal's prominent industrialist and former lawmaker Rajendra Kumar Khetan has said Nepal can bring its dream into reality by means of the Chinese dream.

In a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua about the Chinese dream, the chairperson of Khetan Group, a leading investment and management business group in Nepal, said that after citizens of China get a better life, it certainly will have good impact on the lives of people here.

He said the Chinese dream will enhance the business sector in China, thus further opening the door for larger cooperation with Nepali private sector.

"Chinese prosperity helps a lot for prosperity in Nepal. The Chinese Dream means a great way to make Nepali dream a reality," Khetan, who is well known for his expertise in international trade, stressed.

Nepal can provide China with wide space for international marketing which might be important for capacity optimization of Chinese companies to fulfill the Chinese dream, said Khetan, adding that Chinese companies can build their hub of education here.

In his opinion, due to the good climatic situation and ease of language, international students might prefer Nepal for top-notch international degrees from Chinese Universities.

On how Nepal can benefit from the rising economies of China and India, the corporate leader said that Nepal must complement China and India in certain core sector viable rather than enjoying trading commodities at the lower level.

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