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China, India bonded by common interests

2013-05-20 14:56 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

As Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits India, aiming to strengthen bonds between the two countries, students from China are already making their way to India to carry on their further studies. And as our correspondent Shweta Bajaj in New Delhi finds out, their reasons for doing so, offer the hope that the future of the two nations is one rooted in friendship.

Zhang Yang left his home near Beijing to study Budhism in Delhi University 2 years after he moved to India, today Zhang says it's been a revelation and learning experience.

After facing difficulties in the beginning which largely included getting used to the food, Zhang now wants to pursue his further studies in India as well.

Zhang adds that it's more communication that will help both China and India further their relations.

Zhang Yang said, "There have been many misunderstandings because of different culture, religion and beliefs. So I think first we should know each other's religious belief and culture and then we can understand each other better."

Zhang and Wu Shun Huang are hostel mates. Huang is studying Indian philosophy in the same university. He says he couldn't think of a better course to take.

Wu Shun Huang said, "I find that Indian philosophy is very very deep. Even in post-modernism, they got lots of ideas from ancient Indian philosophy. So this is a field we must go to fight, pick up something. It's very very interesting. That is why I come here."

Xufei is at the end of her tenure at the Jawahar Lal Nehru University where she is studying economics. In her time in India, she has loved the festivals and travelling the most.

The people to people contact between China and India has only gone up in the past few years though there is room for much more. There are many Chinese students studying in India and many Indian students showing interest in mandarin.

One thing common in all Chinese students in India is that they believe, both the countries need to know each other better.

Xufei said, "I come here, most of my classmates know very little about China. They only know Beijing and Shanghai, or some people know Guangzhou. But I think there is more and about our culture, we have a lot in common."

As Xufei gets ready to leave India to probably make way for other Chinese students, she says she is taking back memories with her that will force her to come back.


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