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Expat's villa damaged by blaze

2013-04-22 08:55 Shanghai Daily     Web Editor: Wang YuXia comment

Fires occurred yesterday at a villa rented by an expat and a slaughterhouse yesterday, while no injuries were reported at either of the Changning District locations.

Fire broke out about 2pm at an old villa leased by a French citizen on Xinhua Road when a worker surnamed Luo was welding on the second floor, causing sparks to light some combustible material, Luo told investigators.

Ten fire engines responded, and firefighters broke tiles on the roof to put out the fire since the attic space on the third floor was very small.

An officer of district fire brigade said the interior of the villa was wood-frame and when he got into the house, the roof was burned through.

In a separate case, a fire broke out in the freezer of a slaughterhouse at noon yesterday near Suining Road. The burned area reached more than 500 square meters.

A worker said someone was welding when the fire broke out, and the blaze could have been caused by sparks.

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