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Govt to enhance orphanage supervision

2013-03-14 15:58     Web Editor: yaolan comment

The ministry of civil affairs is promising to strengthen its supervision of charity organizations to better protect the rights of orphans and abandoned children.

Civil affairs minister Li Liguo has made the suggestion during a news conference at the ongoing National People Congress.

"Adoption by individuals or private agencies is a good act, and something we fully support. But how to make sure such act is conducted within a legal framework so that the orphans can live a happy life. This is something we bear in mind in terms of social management and public service. "

6 orphans were killed in a deadly fire that ripped through a privately-run foster home in Henan in January.

The tragedy put the spotlight on the lack of government support for orphanages.

Li Liguo says civil authorities are working together with inspection and auditing officials to supervise private orphanages.

The government is also planning to unroll more favorable policies to support orphans in education, medical care, jobs and housing.

The latest figures show only one in six orphans live in government-funded agencies.

The rest are cared for by relatives or by private orphanages.


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