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Budget hotels fined for hygiene problems

2013-02-19 13:23 Shanghai Daily     Web Editor: Wang YuXia comment

Four local economy hotels that are part of two well-known nationwide chains were fined by local health authorities for operating a business without having public health permit, a legal requirement.

The four outlets include two of the GreenTree Inn Chain and two of 7 Days Inn. Both were urged to apply for health permits, officials from Shanghai Health Supervision Agency said yesterday.

The agency found hygiene problems in nearly 30 percent - 146 of 490 economy hotel outlets - during a recent broad set of checks in the city.

Health officials said the fine for violating the regulations on public venues, as in the case of the four famous-name outlets, is usually less than 5,000 yuan (US$794). However, agency officials said they will publish the names of hotels with severe violations on its website, and they will be subject to more frequent checks.

"Each economy hotel outlet has a sign with a smiling face, a neutral face or a crying face hanging on the wall to tell people the result of a health check by the authority," said Hu Xuewei, an agency official. "Customers should choose those having a smiling face, the sign for good hygiene."

Officials imposed penalties and told the hotels the changes they needed to make to ensure customers' health.

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