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A 39-seat bus crammed with 111 passengers

2012-09-12 13:31 Shanghai Daily     Web Editor: Wang YuXia comment

A sleeper bus with a designed capacity for 39 people was found carrying 111 passengers in a road check in central Hunan Province, the State Administration of Work Safety said yesterday.

The bus, operated by Hunan Changde Express Travel Company, was traveling from Taoyuan County in Hunan to southern Guangdong Province on July 4 when it was stopped for inspection. Police found it carried 111 people, including 22 students and some babies.

Passengers said there were originally 28 passengers on the bus when it left the terminal station and the driver picked up 83 people on the way.

The driver named Kang Lihui was deprived of his driving license and this bus line was suspended by traffic authorities. The company officials and a deputy director of Taoyuan County Transport Bureau were also given administrative punishment.

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