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Chinese e-commerce enterprises fail to expand overseas   

电商扩张海外遇阻 业内称京东凡客海外站基本失败


2013-05-24 13:30     Web Editor: Gu Liping comment

(ECNS) -- Some Chinese e-commerce companies have tried and failed to expand overseas, several insiders have said.

Gong Wenxiang, an e-business industry observer based in Guangzhou, says on his microblog that the large B2C platform Jingdong Mall, dubbed "China's," and online clothing retailer Vancl have both been unsuccessful in attempts at overseas expansion.

Gong adds that Chinese e-commerce enterprises face difficulties overseas, such as limited marketing channels and PayPal's dominance in payment services.

Lu Zhenwang, another industry observer, has said that Vancl's overseas expansion has been more effective at brand marketing than doing business.

Chinese e-commerce companies have been trying their luck abroad since 2010, and Jingdong Mall and Vancl have stretched their reach globally with different approaches.

Jingdong Mall's English-language website, which offers products ranging from books to household electrical appliances, went online last October. Supporting delivery to 35 countries, it aimed to attract most of its overseas customers from North America, Western Europe and Australia.

Vancl also teamed up with Vietnamese online payment company ECPay to provide a Vietnamese-language website and set up local operations.

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电商扩张海外遇阻 业内称京东凡客海外站基本失败



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