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Stevie Wonder advocates accessibility for disabled

2013-05-20 15:19 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Now to Hollywood where Grammy winning musician Stevie Wonder IS BACK, after an 8-year break. The singer not only has some exciting new music, but also some words of hope for disabled people all over the world. Our reporter catches up with this legendary performer, who has a personal message just for China as Sunday marks China's National Day for helping the disabled.

Recently Culture Express was invited to a new star placement on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and noticed among the guests was Stevie Wonder.

With 22 Grammy Awards,27 albums and 40 billboard top songs, Stevie Wonder has filled hearts with 50 years of inspirational music. His biggest hit was the Oscar winning song "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and also people will know Stevie from the Michael Jackson collaboration "We Are The World."

Now, after 8 years of waiting, the world is welcoming this celebrated musician's return with full heart and soul. Wonder told us that he has three new albums in the works, and one of them, called "Ten Billion Hearts", will continue his journey of global goodwill.

"And we are talking about how incredible it would be if we could get all the people of the world, which by the end of this century will be ten billion people on this planet if we can get the hearts to come together and agree on one thing that is if we all want to see the best for everyone," Stevie Wonder said.

With such a lofty ambition, Wonder is eager to spread the word to a country that is certainly not short of people.

"As I am a messenger for peace for the United Nations and working specifically with making the world more accessible for those with disabilities I would love to come and perform to really encourage China and the rest of the world – wherever I go – to making their countries and ultimately the world accessible to people with disabilities. I've heard there was something that China was working on – an actual unit that enabled a blind person to put a kind of Braille apparatus on a printed page and it converted the page from print to Braille. So that sounds exciting," Stevie Wonder said.

With this exciting news delivered to Chinese fans, Stevie Wonder has made it clear that music is still the message - and that message is one of hope.


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