-Chinese participants see WEF as efficient network platform, predictor for future(2015-01-26 08:52:08) -Chinese innovation draws international attention at the WEF(2015-01-25 19:29:38) -Italian media, experts laund Chinese premier's speech in Davos(2015-01-25 13:46:04) -China's signal of innovation detected in Davos(2015-01-25 13:24:03) -China's economic slowdown reasonable, investment globally critical(2015-01-25 08:42:25) -Li's Switzerland trip further develops bilateral ties, co-op(2015-01-25 07:33:07) -China important player in global investment: Kazakh minister(2015-01-24 11:10:25) -Experts, entrepreneurs laud Chinese premier's address at WEF(2015-01-23 17:03:07) -Guests attend 'Dalian Night' reception during WEF meetings in Davos(2015-01-23 14:57:28) -Confidence in Chinese, regional economies hinge on reforms(2015-01-23 14:20:32) -'Silver bullet' in absence, 'China prescription' to global challenges under limelight in Davos(2015-01-23 14:17:49) -Finnish PM calls for EU-China FTA(2015-01-23 13:22:53) -RMB internationalization benefits whole world(2015-01-23 13:17:24) -Premier Li stresses steady economic growth at Davos(2015-01-23 10:27:38) -Premier Li: Don't worry about a China slowdown(2015-01-23 10:06:09) -Premier Li meets ITU secretary-general(2015-01-23 09:56:12) -BRICS remain on growth track through planned reform, experts say(2015-01-23 09:37:21) -Full Text of Li's address at World Economic Forum annual meeting(2015-01-23 09:05:42) -Premier Li meets with WHO director general in Switzerland (2015-01-23 08:54:35) -Huawei's CEO claims to own only 1.4% stake(2015-01-23 08:46:29) -Huawei CEO rejects espionage rumors(2015-01-23 08:42:25) -Li: China ready to face challenges(2015-01-23 08:36:21) -Premier Li meets Secretary-General of ITU in Switzerland(2015-01-23 08:23:13) -China's economic reforms, regional initiatives bring global benefits(2015-01-22 11:20:31) -China vows to cut fossil fuel in painstaking energy revolution (2015-01-22 10:31:26) -Li reassures investors of China's property market (2015-01-22 10:17:21) -Chinese premier pledges deepened reform, wider opening-up (2015-01-22 10:12:08) -Premier Li attends World Economic Forum(2015-01-22 10:04:49) -Premier meets with representatives of WEF's Intl Business Council(2015-01-22 10:04:10) -China, Kazakhstan vow to strengthen railway, new energy co-op(2015-01-22 09:42:54)
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About WEF
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss nonprofit foundation founded in 1971 and committed to improving the state of the world. The WEF is best known for its annual winter meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which convenes global leaders from across business, government and academia for strategic dialogues that map the world’s key transformations.
  • This year's meeting
  • This year’s winter meeting will take place on Jan. 21-24, under the theme “The New Global Context.” Four main themes will be discussed at the meeting: growth and stability, crisis and cooperation, society and security, and innovation and industry.

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