-Innovative diplomacy(2014-10-20 10:17:54) -Educational, social policies become new Sino-Italian 'Silk Roads': experts(2014-10-19 10:46:03) -Premier Li concludes Europe visit(2014-10-19 08:40:12) -Disability issues actively pushed by China at ASEM(2014-10-19 07:58:40) -Li's visit injects new vitality into China-Europe relations(2014-10-19 07:51:21) -Premier Li attends ASEM closing ceremony in Milan(2014-10-18 13:08:44) -Chinese premier back home after Europe visit (2014-10-18 12:14:32) -China urges concerted Asian-European efforts to fight terrorism, epidemics(2014-10-18 08:42:20) -Premier Li outlines his Eurasian blueprint(2014-10-18 08:32:45) -Chinese premier eyes closer ties with Singapore (2014-10-18 08:23:29) -China, South Korea vow to advance free trade talks(2014-10-17 13:20:03) -China donates $50 mln to combat global hunger(2014-10-17 10:01:36) -China, Thailand pledge closer cooperation in agriculture, infrastructure(2014-10-17 09:21:33) -China calls for concerted Asian-European efforts to boost security, connectivity(2014-10-17 09:19:18) -China, Pakistan agree to boost cooperation(2014-10-17 09:16:32) -China, Greece vow to enhance cooperation(2014-10-17 09:14:26) -ASEM summit highlights Asia-Europe inter-dependence(2014-10-17 09:09:35) -China, Italy pitch for closer innovation cooperation(2014-10-17 09:05:18) -China, Greece vow to enhance cooperation(2014-10-17 09:01:00) -ASEM summit opens in Milan(2014-10-17 08:59:39) -EU squabbling holds back Beijing relationship(2014-10-17 08:51:47) -Premier Li attends 10th Asia-Europe Meeting(2014-10-17 08:47:40) -Chinese Premier, French President meet on deepening ties(2014-10-17 08:46:29) -China, Vietnam agree to properly handle maritime differences(2014-10-17 08:43:24) -Chinese premier, French president meet on deepening ties(2014-10-17 08:39:56) -Premier in plea to Asia, Europe(2014-10-17 08:38:40) -Li meets with President of the European Council and President of the European Commission(2014-10-16 16:52:01) -Infrastructures offer high potential for China-Italy deals: experts(2014-10-16 13:06:04) -China contributes greatly to global food security (2014-10-16 10:24:51) -Premier Li visits Italy(2014-10-16 10:12:37)
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  • Germany
  • · During his visit to Germany, Li will co-chair the China-Germany governmental consultation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • Russia
  • · During his visit to Russia, Li will hold the 19th regular meeting between the two countries's prime ministers with his counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.
  • Italy
  • · Li will visit FAO headquarters in Rome on Oct 15, the eve of World Food Day at the invitation of FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva.
  • 10th ASEM summit
  • · Li will attend the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Milan from Oct 16 to 17.
In a bid to strengthen cooperation, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday after over 30 deals were signed between the two governments. [Read more]
China is willing to make joint efforts with Italy to strengthen mutual trust, consolidate the political foundation of their ties and tap the potential of their practical cooperation, Li said.[Read more]
Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Friday that he is confident in the further economic growth of his country. [Read more]
China and Russia signed 38 agreements on Monday covering energy, finance and transportation during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Moscow, amid Russia's push to offset the negative impacts of Western sanctions.

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