-APEC yielded good results for US and China: US officials(2014-11-19 14:19:39) -APEC's new vision(2014-11-17 16:22:50) -China-US tariff cut could be bad news for smaller firms(2014-11-17 13:31:48) -Pre-condition for climate success: greening the financial system(2014-11-17 13:04:55) -China spearheads APEC initiatives for regional integration(2014-11-15 15:34:22) -Pollution controls give Beijing 'APEC blue'(2014-11-15 08:44:27) -China-ROK FTA represents opportunities, challenges (2014-11-14 13:00:39) -China, US issue 10-year business, tourist visas(2014-11-14 10:01:34) -Beijing's successful agenda-setting(2014-11-14 09:25:33) -APEC Beijing summit 'historic': Chinese FM(2014-11-14 09:14:58) -Beijing authorities release pollution data for APEC week(2014-11-14 08:51:23) -Beijing wants to keep 'APEC blue'(2014-11-14 08:38:07) -China 'constructive player' at APEC meetings: US expert(2014-11-13 17:02:30) -Online shops cash in on knock-off APEC fashion(2014-11-13 15:21:19) -FTAAP a timely answer to China skeptics(2014-11-13 10:16:04) -World tuning in to buzzwords of APEC Beijing meetings (2014-11-13 09:32:59) -APEC heralds larger regional role for China(2014-11-13 08:50:19) -Climate deal called ‘realistic’(2014-11-13 08:47:32) -China province terminates traffic ban for APEC(2014-11-13 08:43:46) -Chinese, US presidents attend joint press conference in Beijing(2014-11-13 08:42:14) -China welcomes US participation in AIIB, Silk Road Fund (2014-11-13 07:56:25) -Obama: US does not support 'independence' of Taiwan, Tibet (2014-11-12 16:46:36) -China, US agree to boost anti-terrorism cooperation (2014-11-12 16:26:25) -Stephen Harper wrapped up third visit to China(2014-11-12 16:25:32) -China, US unveil ambitious climate change goals(2014-11-12 16:12:56) -China, US to accelerate bilateral investment treaty negotiations (2014-11-12 16:10:55) -Xi's 'new normal' theory justifies bolder economic reforms: scholar (2014-11-12 15:14:03) -US, China agree to reduce possibility of military accidents(2014-11-12 15:08:23) -Regionwide tourism remains a priority(2014-11-12 14:32:47) -Cultural initiatives, easier travel among strategic goals of members(2014-11-12 14:30:25)
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Established in 1989, the APEC has become the premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. Its 21 member economies account for about 40 percent of world population, 55 percent of world GDP and about 44 percent of world trade.
  • Nov 5-6
  • · Senior Officials' Meeting
  • Nov 7-8
  • · The 26th APEC Ministerial Meeting
  • Nov 10-11
  • · The 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting
In what Chinese President Xi Jinping called a "historic step", APEC members agreed on Tuesday to launch an effort to build a regional free trade framework..[Read more]
Barack Obama, on his first visit to China since 2009, went on a relaxed stroll with President Xion Tuesday in Zhongnanhai. [Read more]
Wives of the leaders of the 21 APEC member economies played their part in intertwining cultural connections for a deeper understanding of their countries and people. [Read more]
Chinese government sets a main theme for 2014 APEC that is "Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partership", incluing to promote regional economic intergration, to advance economic growth with reform and innovation, and to strengthen comprehensive construction of infrastructure and communication.
Xi holds welcoming ceremony for visiting US president Splendid firework show held for APEC guests in Beijing Scenery near Yanqi Lake in Beijing 26th APEC Ministerial Meeting held in Beijing Volunteers get ready for APEC Night scene of Beijing in APEC Week

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