-President Xi wraps up two-day Macao trip(2014-12-21 16:10:50) -Experts laud Macao's great success after its return to motherland(2014-12-21 11:04:03) -Peng Liyuan visits Family House of Zheng Guanying(2014-12-21 09:24:20) -President Xi leaves Macao after successful visit(2014-12-21 09:07:50) -Chinese president inspects PLA garrison in Macao(2014-12-21 08:01:16) -Xi hails close ties between motherland, Macao(2014-12-21 07:33:45) -Xi calls for further improvement in law-based governance of Macao(2014-12-20 15:38:51) -Macao to diversify development as gaming revenue slumps(2014-12-20 15:31:20) -President Xi stresses to further social harmony, stability in Macao(2014-12-20 14:08:15) -Macao's Chui vows to fully, correctly implement 'one country, two systems'(2014-12-20 14:06:06) -Xi attends Macao's anniversary celebration gathering, gov't inauguration(2014-12-20 12:28:54) -Beijing acts to smooth the waters for Macao(2014-12-20 12:15:58) -Workers travel to Macao in search of higher wages(2014-12-20 12:13:48) -Macao enjoying orderly progress in democracy: Xi(2014-12-20 12:01:38) -Xi underlines education of youth, cultivation of talents in Macao(2014-12-20 10:55:28) -Xi reiterates firm resolve to advance practice of 'one country, two systems'(2014-12-20 10:51:59) -Macao to regulate gambling, Xi said(2014-12-20 10:49:21) -Macao's return historic event for nation: Xi(2014-12-20 10:42:45) -Flag-raising ceremony held to celebrate 15th anniv. of Macao's return to motherland(2014-12-20 10:21:10) -Peng Liyuan visits kindergarten in Macao(2014-12-20 10:06:56) -Chui sworn in as Macao's fourth-term chief executive(2014-12-20 09:45:40) -Mainland prosperity to offer more opportunities for Macao: Xi(2014-12-20 09:34:37) -President Xi voices full trust, support to HK chief executive(2014-12-20 09:32:20) -Central government to confer two pandas to Macao(2014-12-20 09:28:38) -President Xi meets Ho Hau Wah in Macao(2014-12-20 09:03:55) -Macao to fully leverage 'one country, two systems' advantages(2014-12-20 08:56:47) -Xi starts Macao tour, hails region's progress(2014-12-20 08:55:08) -President Xi meets with Macao SAR chief executive(2014-12-20 08:52:36) -President Xi visits Macao families(2014-12-20 08:48:23) -Macao's 15 years of examplary progress(2014-12-19 16:03:59)
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About Macao
Macao is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. It was rented to Portugal as a trading port in 1557, but remained under Chinese authority and sovereignty. In 1887, Macao became a colony of the Portuguese Empire when the Qing Dynasty and Portugal signed the Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Peking.
On December 20, 1999, Macao finally returned to the motherland China. Under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy, Macao still enjoys a high degree of autonomy in matters including legal system, police force, monetary system, customs policy, and immigration policy.

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