-Li calls for deeper security mutual trust in East Asia(2013-10-10 14:46:04) -Highlights: President Xi's Southeast Asia tour(2013-10-09 11:23:20) -In Bali, they relax in local fashions(2013-10-09 08:52:10) -President Xi poses for group photo with other leaders at APEC meeting(2013-10-09 08:51:38) -Xi returns from Southeast Asia visit, APEC summit(2013-10-09 08:43:01) -Host city Beijing gears up for 2014 APEC summit(2013-10-09 08:35:52) -President Xi calls for more APEC connectivity(2013-10-09 08:35:21) -Xi's Southeast Asia tour boosts ties, regional cooperation: FM(2013-10-09 08:29:26) -Asia-Pacific community key to China's foreign policy(2013-10-09 08:25:37) -Common foreign currency reserve may be a goal(2013-10-09 08:25:05) -APEC leaders suggest economies to avoid protectionism(2013-10-09 08:18:41) -Declaration 'set to bring new vitality to economy'(2013-10-09 08:16:25) -Xi's trip helpful for Asia-Pacific: FM (2013-10-09 08:10:14) -Experts endorse Xi's economic confidence (2013-10-09 08:02:49) -More investment expected to flow after APEC meeting(2013-10-09 08:00:17) -Xi urges developing connectivity in Asia Pacific(2013-10-08 17:25:00) -APEC meeting concludes with strategic agreement(2013-10-08 15:58:10) -APEC leaders issue joint declaration on economic growth(2013-10-08 15:42:43) -APEC meeting supports multilateral trading system(2013-10-08 15:40:47) -Chinese president leaves for home after APEC meeting(2013-10-08 15:33:37) -APEC leaders continue discussions on development in region (2013-10-08 13:08:11) -America takes the APEC test(2013-10-08 11:31:13) -US should adapt to new growth order(2013-10-08 11:25:15) -TPP talks crippled by inherent problems(2013-10-08 11:08:20) -TPP challenges focused on at APEC(2013-10-08 10:47:23) -Xi attends 21st informal economic leaders' meeting of AEPC(2013-10-08 10:08:51) -Chinese business community hails CEO summit(2013-10-08 10:03:48) -China to join Russia in maintaining Asia-Pacific security(2013-10-08 09:17:52) -Group photo of leaders and their spouses at APEC summit meeting (2013-10-08 08:53:25) -Xi warns against patchy global trade regime(2013-10-08 08:53:16)
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  • ·Indonesia
  • President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Indonesia from Oct 2 to Oct 3, 2013.
  • ·Malaysia
  • President Xi Jinping will then visit Malaysia from Oct 4 to Oct 5, 2013.
  • ·APEC Summit
  • President Xi Jinping will attend the 21st economic leaders’ meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Indonesia’s Bali from Oct 6 to Oct 8, 2013.
    This is President Xi Jinping's first visit to Southeastern countries after he took office in March.
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