-Li's visit to further strengthen Hanoi-Beijing ties(2013-10-18 10:48:35) -Chinese premier back in Beijing(2013-10-16 10:01:16) -China, Vietnam pledge to deepen onshore cooperation(2013-10-16 09:59:33) -Li wraps up SE Asian tour(2013-10-16 09:38:41) -ASEAN student ranks swell(2013-10-16 09:38:17) -China-Vietnam cooperation enters new stage of advancement(2013-10-16 09:12:18) -Li urges youths to contribute to China-Vietnam friendship(2013-10-16 09:07:37) -'Breakthrough' helps China, Vietnam build trust(2013-10-16 09:04:55) -Foreign media, experts laud Premier Li's visit to SE Asia(2013-10-16 09:01:53) -Premier Li speaks at luncheon of China-Vietnam business community (2013-10-16 08:49:27) -Foreign media highlight premier's visit(2013-10-16 08:47:24) -Young Chinese in Hanoi boost ties(2013-10-16 08:45:56) -Youth encouraged to expand relations(2013-10-16 08:43:54) -Premier Li calls Southeast Asian tour 'complete success' (2013-10-16 08:42:00) -$100b China-Vietnam trade target for 2017(2013-10-16 07:55:46) -Li raises proposal on upgrading China-Vietnam business co-op(2013-10-16 07:52:18) -China, Vietnam vow to boost cooperative partnership(2013-10-15 16:52:31) -A region of friendship(2013-10-15 10:15:23) -Premier Li attends wreath laying ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum(2013-10-15 09:58:11) -Premier Li visits Vietnam(2013-10-15 09:37:08) -Li calls for closer China-Vietnam parliamentary exchanges(2013-10-15 09:30:56) -Foreign media highlight Chinese premier's visit to SE Asia(2013-10-15 08:57:49) -Premier Li meets Vietnamese president in Hanoi (2013-10-15 08:57:06) -Premier Li visits local shops in Hanoi(2013-10-15 08:53:17) -Room for Beijing to boost ties(2013-10-15 08:41:32) -Border traders watch Li's visit with close interest(2013-10-15 08:39:35) -Premier seeks talks over dispute(2013-10-15 08:36:53) -Chinese premier vows to promote ties with Vietnam(2013-10-15 08:34:49) -China, Vietnam able to handle differences properly: Li(2013-10-15 08:32:57) -Chinese education for Thai students(2013-10-14 09:10:53)
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  • ·Brunei
  • Premier Li will pay a state visit to Brunei from Oct 9 to Oct 11, 2013.
  • ·Thailand
  • Premier Li will visit Thailand from Oct 11 to Oct 13, 2013.
  • ·Vietnam
  • Premier Li will visit Vietnam from Oct 13 to Oct 15, 2013.
  • ·East Asia leaders meetings
  • From Oct 9 to Oct 11, 2013, Premier Li will attend the 16th China-ASEAN leaders meeting, the 16th ASEAN plus three (China, Japan and the Republic of Korea) summit and the 8th East Asia Summit to be held in Brunei, the chair nation of the ASEAN.
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