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U.S. meddling on S China Sea betrays pirate-style sense of insecurity

2015-03-14 15:32 Xinhua Web Editor: Gu Liping

The United States has once again violated its commitment to not holding position or taking sides on the South China Sea issue, and its so-called concerns about China's "threat" serve only to reveal its pirate-style sense of insecurity.

U.S. Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki said earlier this week that China's development activities in the South China Sea were feeding suspicions that Beijing aimed to establish military bases across the South China Sea.

Psaki's accusation is strikingly biased and by no means conducive to solving the disputes and bolstering peace and stability in the busy body of water vital to international trade.

The United States has for long turned a blind eye to the solid argument China has made in response to the various ill-grounded charges leveled against it, and is even cobbling together a coalition in a thinly veiled attempt to contain China on the matter.

In a recent provocation, Vice Adm. Robert Thomas, commander of the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet, "welcomed" future Japanese air patrols over the South China Sea, claiming that such Japanese involvement "makes sense in the future."

In its intentional description of peacefully developing China as a threat, the United States, notwithstanding the world's strongest military might and a long history of military aggression, is displaying a perverted sense of insecurity.

This pirate-style mind-set will only make things worse, both in the settlement of the South China Sea disputes and in the handling of other international affairs.

Outside meddling on the South China Sea issue from the United States and other like-minded countries is not welcome, as it will serve nothing but to sow discord, stoke tension and thus hinder the search for a peaceful solution.

China has exercised considerable restraint, and its actions, including carrying out some island construction and rejecting international arbitration, are lawful, justified and well explained.

It is advisable that Washington honor its neutral commitment, abandon its warped mentality, retract its meddling hand, and play a truly constructive role in the Asia-Pacific.

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