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China, Africa can overcome 'growing pains'

2014-05-08 08:31 Xinhua Web Editor: Mo Hong'e

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's African tour shows that the "growing pains" in China-Africa relations are passing and will soon pass.[Special coverage]

The Western media expressed excitement at Li's comment that companies from China and Africa have encountered "growing pains", but it is not just today that China acknowledges Africa's concerns about local employment, environment and working conditions.

Regarding African countries as good brothers, China has long been serious about solving problems that inevitably occur during the development of relations.

In stead of dodging or covering up issues, isolated cases in the whole picture of China-Africa relations, China is sincere in deepening collaboration via equal and earnest consultation.

During Li's trip to four African countries, he proposed to upgrade China-Africa cooperation in industry, finance, poverty reduction, ecological protection, people-to-people exchanges, as well as peace and security. China is pursuing sustainable relations with Africa, rather than planning to hijack the continent's mineral and energy wealth as claimed by some Western countries.

For more than five years running, China has been Africa's biggest trading partner and its role has been recognized by the international community.

China knows the importance of employment to improve African people's living standards. China has always tried to transfer the industries best suitable for Africa, especially the labor-intensive ones, so as to create more jobs in the continent.

China is also ready to share its technology and experience without any reservation with Africa and encourage more enterprises to participate in infrastructure construction, vital for development.

The Chinese government has always encouraged enterprises to integrate more with local communities to raise their profiles with African people.

China will provide African countries with 18,000 government scholarships and help them train 30,000 professionals, a move to boost exchanges among people from both sides.

China is at a critical stage of reform and transformation. Africa has also started its journey to unity and development. As long as both sides stick to mutual trust and equality, cooperation has great potential.

It is believable that after the "growing pains," China and Africa will see their relations mature and contribute more to the entire world.

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