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Clean Internet of pornography

2014-04-16 11:28 China Daily Web Editor: Li Yan

The launch of a renewed campaign against pornography on the Internet was announced on Sunday. Despite multiple previous campaigns, the spread of pornography online persists. Some websites continue to produce and spread pornography in the name of sex education, some do it as part of their marketing strategy to gain a higher click-through rate, and still others make online games and fill their product with obscene and vulgar content. Many telecom operators, web portals, as well as search engines and mobile application stores have turned a blind eye to the phenomenon and have thus opened the door to the spread of pornography.

This makes it all the more imperative for the country to renew its efforts against the online spread of pornography with firm determination and stronger action, said a commentary in People's Daily on Monday.

Internet pornography does great harm to society, and is especially harmful to minors. China is now home to about 600 million Internet users, and the use of the Internet is more widespread among teenagers than ever. During a delicate period of mental, emotional and physical development, teenagers are more susceptible to digital disturbances such as Internet abuse and pornography.

For the well-being of the millions of Chinese families and the future of the nation, the government is obliged to curb the spread of pornography online.

For quite some time, there have been sarcastic remarks about the country's efforts to eliminate pornographic and illegal publications and websites.

However, it is the job of the government to fight against the sex trade and crack down on pornography, and those who cast doubt on such efforts are simply calling black white.

With concentrated efforts made to facilitate the anti-porn campaign, it is hoped the general public will gain a correct and better understanding of the harm Internet pornography has on society.

Cyberspace is ruled by law the same as society; all Internet businesses must abide by the laws and regulations and make their profits by legal means. The ongoing campaign is aimed at curbing the spread of pornography for the sake of the physical and mental health of young people and for the greater good of the country and society as a whole.

It is hoped that with the broad-based support of society, the campaign to cleanse the Internet will achieve the desired outcome of regulating Internet order and making cyberspace a healthy environment for all.

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