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China vows to treat foreign companies fairly

2013-05-28 09:28 CNTV     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

Premier Li Keqiang says China wants to further open to foreign companies and promote reforms. Speaking during a lunch with German business leaders in Berlin on Monday, he also promised fair competition and better copyright protection, as he wrapped up his first state visit.

Further reforms and opening up is crucial to the health of the Chinese economy. Li Keqiang told German business executives that China's economic reforms promise ample opportunities and require closer international cooperation. And China will work to make it happen.

"China will provide a market for fair competition," Li Keqiang said. "All foreign companies registered in China, regardless of their ownership, will be given equal treatment. They can also expect better copyright protection, because this is a strategic decision by China."

Premier Li said that while "Made in China" was a label undergoing transformations, "Made in Germany" was already mature.

To promote cooperation in investment, China announced the launch of a Chinese chamber of commerce in Germany, while Germany welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest and create jobs.

"A growing middle class in China has growing demands, such as on health and infrastructure. Urbanization poses another challenge. Germany can contribute in green technology and infrastructure," German Economic Minister Philipp Rosler said.

China's determination to reform and further open up has generated positive responses.

"Absolutely optimistic, especially since he mentioned 'Made in China' and 'Made in Germany', it's like yin and yang, a perfect team," said A. Josef Lederer, president of Schenker Logistics.

"This is a new direction, and it will lead both countries to a better future," said Roland Mandler, president of Opto Tech.

Business leaders have also stressed that they are against trade protectionism. On Monday morning, Germany rejected the EU's punitive tariffs on Chinese solar panel products, and pledged to work with China for a negotiated solution.

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