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Military food for PLA combat troops to be distributed by standard

2015-02-17 10:30 China Military Online Web Editor: Wang Fan
(Photo: China Military Online)

(Photo: China Military Online)

The General Logistics Department (GLD), approved by the Central Military Commission (CMC), issued Regulation of Military Food for Combat Troops a few days ago, so as to adjust and improve the military food rotation mode of the whole combat troops, replacing the mode of self-organization by the troops with that of unified planning, unified procurement, standard distribution and free supply by the headquarters.

Military food, as important means of food supply under the condition of field operations, has gradually topped the troops' agenda for food supply in major missions.

In order to ensure the timely military food rotation and the truly implementation of load standards of the combat troops, and meet the emergency supply needs for the combat troops to conduct diversified missions, the GLD normalizes and improves the procurement, distribution standard, rotation method and fund guarantee of military food for combat troops, according to the GLD.

The Regulation said that the combat troops shall maintain normal military food reserve for combat readiness in accordance with the standard, and the headquarters will conduct rotation supplement for the troops according to half of the standard every year.

The military food shifted out from the troops is mainly used as food supply for field training, military exercises and other trainings. The military food is also available for diversified military missions such as operation, disaster relief, anti-terrorism and stability-safeguarding, according to the Regulation.

The unified food rotation mode by the headquarters, according to the GLD, can arrange the military food supply for combat troops and strategic reserves as a whole, so as to maximize overall efficiency, save the rotation funds, and keep the military food reserve long and fresh, which is beneficial to relieve the supply burden of the grassroots troops and strengthen the emergency food supply capabilities of the troops.

The annual procurement of the military food for combat troops shall, on a priority basis, be used for the rotation of the strategic military food reserve, and the military food shifted out for strategic reserve shall be included in the annual supply plan, according to the Regulation.

There will be no any extra rotation fund for the strategic military food reserve when the Regulation comes into effect.

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