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PLA announces multiple exercises in 2015

2015-02-06 09:30 China Military Online Web Editor: Wang Fan

The General Staff Headquarters (GSH) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) deployed PLA's trans-Military Area Command (MAC) base training tasks of 2015 during a meeting held in Beijing on February 4, 2015.

The PLA will organize 29 brigades/regiments to 6 training bases and site areas to conduct actual-combat drills/exercises with larger scale, wider range and higher standard, according to the meeting.

Compared with trainings in 2014, the trans-MAC base trainings of 2015 will highlight commanders' operational planning and command and control training, all-factor confrontation training, air-and-ground coordinated training, integrated training of new-type power and traditional power, and transformation and application of combat method innovation achievement, according to an officer of the GSH attending the meeting.

This year's trans-MAC base trainings will begin in April. Every training will include such seven steps as long-distance projection, experiment plan, battlefield maneuver, combat organization, combat implementation, review and analyses, and live-ammunition comprehensive test, according to the meeting.

The GSH also announced that confrontation drills between the commanding systems of the rival units will be conducted in the Shijiazhuang Army Command College, Nanjing Army Command College, Nanjing Artillery College and Air Defense Force College of the PLA before the participating troops enter the training bases.

"Stride-2015" army synthetic brigade evaluation will still be conducted in the Zhurihe Training Base, according to the meeting.

There will be 10 brigades from 7 MACs confronting with a mechanized infantry brigade, which is the first professional "Blue Army" of the PLA, in turns.

There are many innovations, for example, the mode of "one combat decides victory or defeat" is changed into that of "three rounds of combat are conducted successively", and many other highlights, the officer said.

The GSH of the PLA also deployed the joint trainings of troops under combined corps level of 2015 during the meeting.

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