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China publishes latest data of US cyber attack  


美国司法部19日宣布以所谓网络窃密为由起诉5名中国军官,记者就此采访了中国国家互联网信息办公室发言人。这位发言人向记者公布了美国攻击中国网络的最新数据,他说,美国才是当今世界上最大的网络窃密者,也是中国网络的头号攻击国。 [查看全文]
2014-05-20 08:23 Xinhua Web Editor: Mo Hong'e

A spokesperson for China's State Internet Information Office on Monday published the latest data of US cyber attack, saying that China is a solid defender of cyber security.

The US is the biggest attacker of China's cyber space, the spokesperson said, adding that the US charges of hacking against five Chinese military officers on Monday are "groundless".

Latest data from the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center of China (NCNERTTCC) showed that from March 19 to May 18, a total of 2,077 Trojan horse networks or botnet servers in the U.S. directly controlled 1.18 million host computers in China.

The NCNERTTCC found 135 host computers in the US carrying 563 phishing pages targeting Chinese websites that led to 14,000 phishing operations. In the same period, the center found 2,016 IP addresses in the U.S. had implanted backdoors in 1,754 Chinese websites, involving 57,000 backdoor attacks.

The US attacks, infiltrates and taps Chinese networks belonging to governments, institutions, enterprises, universities and major communication backbone networks. Those activities target Chinese leaders, ordinary citizens and anyone with a mobile phone. In the meantime, the US repeatedly accuses China of spying and hacking.

China has repeatedly asked the US to stop, but it never makes any statement on its wiretaps, nor does it desist, not to mention make apology to the Chinese people.

After the Prism program leaked by Edward Snowden, the United States was accused by the whole world. However, it has never made retrospection, instead, it accuses others.

The spokesperson said the Chinese government opposes any kinds of cyber crimes, and any groundless accusations against the country.

If the United States goes its own way, China will take countermeasures, the spokesperson said.

China suspends cyber working group activities with US   

China on Monday decided to suspend activities of the China-US Cyber Working Group as US announced indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegation of cyber theft.

"Given the lack of sincerity on the part of the US to solve issues related to cyber security through dialogue and cooperation, China has decided to suspend activities of the China-US Cyber Working Group," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang regarding the US Justice Department's announcement on Monday. >>>

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