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Group army's weaponry combat readiness rate hits 96%

2013-02-20 14:34 China Military Online     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

The reporters of the PLA Daily recently saw at a digitalized vehicle and artillery field of an armored brigade under a group army of the Lanzhou Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) that an intelligent detector rapidly scanned the slush-ridden No.102 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) on a "physical examination" platform, and a "health" assessment and maintenance item list came out of a printer immediately…

With the establishment of information-based equipment support system, the equipment support mode of the troop units of the group army has realized transitions from extensiveness to intensiveness and from experience to science, and the performance of the weaponry and equipment has on the whole maintained a healthy condition of being able to fight at any time, according to a leader of the group army.

The group army introduced modern management concept and advanced techniques, such as ultrasonic monitoring and spectrum analysis, and built an integrated information system covering all the equipment services and realized real-time search for various equipment support information in peacetime as well as effective and rapid equipment detection, diagnosis and maintenance in wartime based on an integrative command platform. To further improve the support efficiency, the group army carried out technical cooperation with 12 colleges, factories and scientific research institutes to scientifically regulate maintenance standards and procedures of information-based equipment. Meanwhile, with a view to enhancing its systematic combat capability, it carried out information-based technical upgrading and transformation of its outdated equipment and deeply implemented a new organic and systematic equipment maintenance mechanism.

The on-site meeting on general equipment maintenance and management of the PLA was held in the group army recently. At the equipment command and support center, with a click of the mouse, various equipment performance and maintenance preplans were clear at a glance and the maintenance network support antenna was directly connected to the terminal. It is learnt that the serviceability rate, the self-support rate and the combat readiness rate of various weaponry and equipment of the group army currently remain at over 96 percent.

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