Cultural relics from Yuan Dynasty shipwreck on display in Fujian

2022-09-23 Editor:Li Ji

(ECNS)-- Cultural relics excavated from a shipwreck of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) were displayed at an exhibition in Zhangzhou, East China's Fujian Province recently.

A great loss was suffered about 700 years ago when a ship full of porcelain sank in the sea near Shengbeiyu Island in Fujian. However, from a modern perspective, the tragedy is full of ancient information for archaeological researchers to decode.

Researchers salvaged a large number of artifacts, including bowls, plates and goblets. The main type of porcelain on the ship is of the Longquan production type, which is a typical example of maritime trade in the late Yuan Dynasty.

Stamps and carved designs to the artifacts are made for better sales. Research on the Shengbeiyu shipwreck is meaningful for telling a better story of the Maritime Silk Road, the communication between China and foreign countries, and Fujian's underwater archaeology.

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