Burang clothes in Tibet: traditional costumes with more than 1,000 years

2022-07-08 Ecns.cn

(ECNS) -- Burang County of Ali prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located at the junction of China, India, and Nepal. Its unique natural environment, folk customs, and lifestyles have created the distinctive ancient Burang clothes.

One suit of traditional Burang clothes is composed of headpieces, necklaces, earrings, robes, etc. It is so complicated that you have to follow the correct order when you put it on. There are a variety of precious jewelry and accessories on these clothes, which are made of gold, silver, coral, pearl, agate, beeswax, and turquoise.

In 2008, Burang clothes were listed as China's national intangible cultural heritage.

Nowadays, Burang clothes are protected among folks and have become representative clothes for their historical, cultural, and artistic values in Ali prefecture. Whenever there are major festivals, local women will wear Burang clothes to sing and dance.

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