Disabled doctor in Hebei serves villagers for two decades

2022-04-24 Ecns.cn Editor:Li Ji

(ECNS) -- 46-year-old village doctor Jiao Junying from Qiuxian County in Xingtai has served local villagers for more two decades.

Jiao suffered from polio when he was young but he finally stood up with the help of a doctor.

The doctor's help inspired him to be a medical worker.

In 2015, Jiao began to provide contracting services for local villagers as a family doctor.

Besides daily diagnosis and treatment, Jiao also carries out physical examinations for the elderly in the village, tracks the treatment effect of chronic diseases, and establishes health files for the villagers.

"People have benefited from national policies in recent years, especially from the new rural cooperative medical system. Patients basically spend a little on seeing a doctor now because the new rural cooperative medical system covers more than a half of the treatment cost. I'm much impressed with this," said Jiao.

Jiao has recorded his clinical experience and has published a dozen theses.

"Sometimes patients' conditions are more complicated than what I think and it's impossible to solve all problems at one time. Then I will look though ancestors' works. China has a lot of medical books from the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD) which has recorded enough experience. We need to learn from them, inherit and develop their experience, thus improving the treatment effect," Jiao added.

As a general practitioner, Jiao said he must diagnose and treat patients in a standardized way under the limited medical sources in rural areas.

Once the patients' conditions get worse, he will help them make appointments for referral to get timely treatment.

"I will keep learning traditional Chinese medicine and make good use of my skills to relieve pains of patients. This has been my aspiration," Jiao said.


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