Cloth Tiger

2022-03-21 Editor:Mo Hong'e

The tiger is the majestic king of beasts, but have you seen how cute they are?

Look at this cloth tiger- big head, big eyes, big mouth and big tail.

It does not lose the might of the tiger, but also reveals a bit of childish innocence.

Cloth tiger is a traditional Chinese needle and thread craftsmanship, originated from the ancestor's worship of the tiger.

The legend in Shan Hai Ching (Book of Mountains and Seas) has it that two god brothers led a group of tigers to fight against evil spirits, and preserved the sacred tree and peaches, benefiting the people in one area.

The tiger's reputation has thus been made, and it has become a symbol of strength and bravery.

The production of cloth tigers includes cutting, sewing, furnishing, embroidery, tying and painting.

Various materials and craftsmanship are used.

They are often made with cloth or silk, stuffed with cotton or grain bran, then the facial features and stripes are painted.

The older generation makes cloth tigers, as toys and ornaments for children.

They are Chinese children's 'teddy bears', furnishing their childhood and witnessing their growth.

They also embody the ingenuity and originality of Chinese women.

Every stitch is full of love and blessings for the next generation.

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