Beijing grandpas insist on keeping fit all year

2021-10-15 Editor:Luo Pan

(ECNS) -- A group of grandpas from Beijing, averagely aged over 60, have cultivated strong bodies through exercising with simple fitness equipment at the Temple of Heaven Park.

Movements that are quite difficult for young people like splits are nothing but a piece of cake for this group.

Wu Baoyin, 79, suffers from lumbago due to a car accident a dozen years ago.

In order to recover, Wu began to exercise and even created a set of gymnastics to exercise his waist.

Speaking of the secret of keeping healthy, Wu said he hardly eats healthcare products and what he eats most are fruits, fish and vegetables.

In his opinion, a self-discipline life and taking good care of himself is the best thing he can give his children.

Wu also suggests that young people pursue a good shape through keeping fit.

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