'Green Hada' campaign to increase 53 ha of grassland in Qinghai

2021-09-29 Ecns.cn Editor:Ji Xiang

(ECNS)-- A ceremony for the "Green Hada Action," jointly launched by China Environmental Protection Foundation and Unilever, was held on Bakatai Prairie in Laxiwa Town on Monday.

Taken local conditions into consideration, 53 ha of grassland will be planted in the Bakatai Prairie.

Through this activity, a total of 1,130 ha of grassland has been planted in 10 townships in 7 counties in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region.

After 3 years of growing, the planted grass will be used by eco-pastures of the local breeding cooperative.

This activity aims to provide high-quality grass for local graziery to help local farmers and herdsmen increase production and income.

Bakatai Prairie is a significant ecological conservation area at the source of the Yellow River.

It is also an important water conservation area in the whole basin.

The "Green Hada Action" has been put into practice for 11 consecutive years since 2011.

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