10 fruit trees in NE China sprout 70,000 in NE China 8 years later

2021-09-27 Ecns.cn Editor:Lu Yan

(ECNS) -- Ten "fairy fruit" trees, transplanted from China's northeast to northwest, took root in Qinghai in 2013. Eight years later, more than 70,000 "fairy fruit" trees help local farmers improve their incomes, creating a beautiful hill-side scene in Gaojiawan Village of Qinghai Province.

With the scientific name of "Jinxiu Begonia," the tree can resist cold and drought, while its fruits taste sweet and sour.

Eight years ago, Han Changkuan, head of Liangzhulin Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology Development Co., LTD, introduced the trees from Jilin Province to the plantation base located on the barren mountain of Qinghai.

But there was no road leading to the base, with poor irrigation. Han said the trees survived and bore fruit later that year. Villagers began building roads and channeled water and electricity up the mountain.

In 2021, the output of "fairy fruit" trees will be about 80,000 tons.

In the future, Han hopes to produce fruit juice, jam, dried fruit, and other ancillary products.

He plans to encourage more local farmers to work together and share in the results.

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